The School has its own fleet of deluxe air-conditioned buses. All the buses are running on diesel mode and are equipped with the latest communication facilities like mobile phones – in case of any delays or unforeseen events, a message gets flashed to the school, which in turn informs the parents, and initiates action for backup transportation measures, if required. Each bus has a driver, conductor and a security guard, for complete safety and security of the children. The routes and timings of the entire fleet of buses are monitored by a well trained staff.

GD Goenka Public School, Firozabad recognize the requirement of providing conveyance to children staying far away from school. Our fleet of eco-friendly (Euro – IV) buses goes on to prove that we are equally concerned about the environment our children live in.

Name of Driver Bus Number Mobile
KHALIL KHAN GD-1 7055200621
VINOD KUMAR GD-2 7055200622
NEERAJ KUMAR GD-3 7055200623
ANIL KUMAR GD-4 7055200624
AVDESH KUMAR GD-5 7055200625
OJESH PACHOURI GD-6 7055200626
RAM GOPAL GD-7 7055200627
SHIV RAM GD-8 7055200628
SANTSWAROOP GD-9 7055200629
DHARAMVEER GD-10 7055200630
VERENDRA  SINGH GD-11 7055200631
MAHAVEER SINGH GD-12 7055200632
LALTA PRASAD GD-13 7055200633
SUNDAR SINGH GD-14 7055200634
NAVAL SINGH GD-15 7055200635
RAJJAN SINGH GD-17 7055200637
SATENDRA  GD-18 7055200638
USMAN KHAN  STAFF BUS 2 7055200641