POCSO Committee

A “POCSO” committee consisting of following members has been constituted for ensuring a safe, secure and supportive environment for students who are the prime responsibility of every school:

  1. Ms Richa Prakash          –        Principal
  2. Mr Mohit Jackson           –        PGT Commerce 1 Male Teacher
  3. Ms Archana Khetrapal    –        PGT PE
  4. Master Mayank Singh     –        Class XI – 1 Male student
  5. Miss Angel Raniwala       –       Class XII– 1 Female student
  6. Mr Krishna Chaudhary    –       1 Member of Non teaching Staff

The committee will take immediate action on reported cases of misbehavior in the school premises on account of sexual offences.

Vishaka Committee

To deal with complaints of sexual harassment of female employees of the School in light of letter no. CBSE/Aff./Harrasment/2001/8866-11258 dated 16.7.2001 and Circular No. F.DE.15/Act-I/Vishakha Guidelines/2014/ 25342-47 dated 28.7.2014, the following have been nominated as members of the Vishakha Committee:

Richa Prakash                 (PRINCIPAL)     
Mrs. Sonal Gupta            (PARENTS)
Mr. Anurag Gupta           (PARENTS)
Mrs. Sumra Khan            (PARENTS)
Mrs. Ambica Rathore     (TEACHER)

Mr. Mohit Jackson       (TEACHER)