Joy of Sharing

Joy of Sharing
“Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls”
D/P, To inculcate in children, the joy of sharing is probably the best way to make them aware of the world around them and help them grow as successful citizens of the world.
We have planned to celebrate”The Joy of Sharing Week from 20th to 24th December,2018.
We request you to send the following items with your ward so as to be a part of the joy of sharing. Kindly note that there is no compulsion to send the items mentioned if you do not wish to do so. However, we appreciate your support and cooperation to reach out to the less privileged in providing them joy during this season of the year.
List of the stationery items:
1. A packet of pencils
2. Six erasers
3. Six Sharpeners
4. A packet of pens
5. Blank Notebooks(old/new)
6. Rulers
7. Old woollen clothes
You can send any one from the above mentioned items. You can also send warm clothes( sweaters, blankets, caps,jackets,socks,etc.) which are not being utilised by you. Your cooperation is solicited.GDGFZD.